Thursday, February 7, 2008

Entry 27: ALL the Lord of the Rings Sketch Cards

Here are all of my LOTR sketch cards. Including the ones I already posted and the unusable Saruman cards. I started these cards in mid November and it was looking like I was going to have a lot of free time to work on them. I did have a big trip planed to visit family over Christmas but it wasn't coming up for a while, so I thought I was cool. Then I got the job to do the Kotor covers, which I had been wanting to do and couldn't pass up, and then family came to town for a week. I ended up not being able to finish the cards before my trip and the deadline was coming up. I resorted to drawing when ever I had the time on my trip. Most of the cards done in pencil were done ether in an airport or on an airplane and with no reference. Some of those pencil ones I like, but I wish I could have taken my time and inked all the cards.

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  1. These are GORGEOUS! Such beautiful lines! I am glad I found this journal. I have been wanting to see them all.