Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Entry 25: A Blast From The Past- Part 3

 In my last "Blast from the past" post (entry 16) I talked about how I slacked off in high school and used my class time for drawing comics. It was sort of like my education in story telling. I was learning by doing. In 1996, my senior year, I made my fist and, to date, only fanzine style comic. It was called Rat Bastard.
 When I was little I was fascinated, as I think a lot of kids were, by cartoons and shows like The Littles, The Rescuers, Rescue Rangers, and the Great Mouse Detective where the characters were really small. What I found so fun and fascinating about them was how everyday objects could be used in completely different ways by these small characters. I thought it would be fun to combine that genera with more "adult" subject matter. I wanted to make a hard boiled crime story with rodents. So I created Rat Bastard. It was Disney meets Sin City. The story took place inside the walls of houses and used everyday objects just like in those cartoons. You can see the big rat guy has a thumb tack for a hand.
 The entire story would have been about 10 issues at 10 pages each. I drew the first issue and made around 50 copies that I gave to friends at high school. I drew most of issue 2 but didn't ever finish it.
 Just like ABVD (the story I talked about in Entry 8),  Rat Bastard has also been on my mind for a revamp. I'm calling it Rodentia. Hopefully, someday I'll have an opportunity to do it. About 3 years ago I did this sketch.


  1. That's what I was thinking. Exactly seven kinds, from seven different animal species. In each instance the ass-kicking is lethal to the recipent, except for in two cases.

  2. Everyone says that about this stuff. Five out of seven ass-kicks being lethal ain't bad. Hopefully when this is revamped it will kick even more kinds of asses. I'm hoping for at leased 14 more with a 100% lethality.