Friday, November 2, 2007

Entry 16: A Blast From The Past- Part 2

Consider this a follow up entry to "Entry 8: In the Beginning" That's part 1 and this is part 2.
I was a terrible student in high school. It started with me missing most of 8th grade and my entire freshmen year because of the Hodgkin's. I was never big on school but it was even harder to find the will after that. Plus, I wanted to draw comics. So I felt that learning to draw comics was all I really needed to learn. Not that I didn't learn in school. I learned about as much as everyone else. I just didn't make the grades. I spent most of my class time drawing. I have pages and pages of lined paper covered in comics that I would make up as I went. Most of it isn't that great. It's all pretty rough and the writing is terrible and embarrassing. But I was figuring stuff out. I learned a lot about story telling this way. Most of these "class time comics" were ether inspired by friends and places I knew or were crime stories.
This page was part of a short mafia story I drew based on a scene in a book I read. This scene takes place in a restaurant after hours. A mob boss and some other guys are eating out back when a group of guys in ski masks burst in with shotguns. Three of the guys head to the back to whack the boss and his partners while one guy watches the owners son who's at the counter. The owners daughter is doing dishes in the kitchen and is the only one to survive.
When I decided to post something from this time of my life I found this page. It was rough and hard to make out were the panel borders were. So I decided to mark out the panel boarders in photo shop. Then I decided to make the lettering more clear. Then I added simple colors to it. I might have gotten carried away, but it was really fun to revisit this old piece and try to bring out what I like about it. It has me wanting to freshen up a lot of old stuff... Maybe I'll do the rest of this story...probably not. Anyway, more old stuff to come in my next "blast from the past" post.

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