Friday, October 26, 2007

Entry 13: KotOR #26 cover

This is the cover for Knights of the Old Republic #26 and it's the first piece that I drew and colored for publication. I've obviously colored things of my own before, but always for myself and never anything very big or complex. So this was a real learning experience. I still don't know my way around photo shop that well and I really need to get a Wacom tablet, but I'm managing to get by.
 I was uncertain with this piece every step of the way and I still have mixed feelings about it. It didn't help that I was asked to make changes to it when I was almost done. Not that I didn't want to make the changes, it's just that I was already feeling apprehension and self doubt about the whole thing. So having to rethink things hurt my confidence in it even more. (sometime I'll post up the original version)
 I did end up using the same method I talk about in Entry 5. I even used the same lighting on Zayne in this cover that I used in that sketch. I guess it just seemed to work.
 In the end, for all my doubt, I guess it's not so bad. And I did learn a lot. I'll be doing the cover for issue 27 next, so I'll see what I can do with that.


  1. i looooove this piece, man... lovin' all your work.
    i agree with you on transformers, too. :)

  2. that just goes to show that guys in the professional scene are still learning, just as everyone else does. :)
    good job on the cover, am looking forward to buying it!

  3. Rakghuls!! Man, memories of exploring Undercity Taris come flooding back again; Those monsters were tough for the low-level player. So the infection actually started years before the game...
    Photoshop on greyscale marker shading, right? Who's doing the interior art for this issue?

  4. Yeah, photo shop on grey marker again. The KotOR portion of Vector is being drawn by Scott Hepburn. I'm not familiar with his work so I couldn't say how it will look.