Saturday, September 22, 2007

Entry 7: KotOR 22 PREVIEW

This is a preview of KotOR #22. This is page one and it's one of the few pages I can show with out giving to much away about the story. This issue will be the 6th issue of KotOR I've done. It's the first issue that I am not inking myself.
 When I was trying to get into the industry my intent was to become a penciller. I had only tried inking myself a few times. My first kind of big professional gig was on Jodi Picoult's novel "The Tenth Circle" where I not only had to ink myself, but also letter it, and design a logo. Then I did "Shadows and Light" in Star Wars Tales for Dark Horse. With that story they wanted to just color my pencils with out ink, but I'm not really into that look so I decided to, once again, ink myself. I've been inking my own stuff ever since then.
 Now going back to just pencilling with out inking takes some real adjustment. I had gotten used to that level of control. It's hard to let go of a page when it just doesen't look finished to  me anymore. I decided to just do pencils for this arc to try to save some time.
 This issue and issues #23 and 24, which I am also doing are being inked by Dan Parsons. Dan did finishes over my layouts for the third part of the King Kong movie adaption and I thought he did a real nice job. He is also the inker on Star Wars Legacy and a very nice guy. So when I decided to give up the inking duties on this run I thought of him and he happened to be up for it.
 I hope you Star Wars comic fans dig it.


  1. Glad to know you'll be back on board issue #22 onwards; Your drawing style has always been the closest to the spirit of the games, IMO. Will definitely look forward to those issues!
    And are those the Mandalorian Basilisks? We barely got to see them properly in action during KOTOR 2, so it's good to able to see why the Mandy's are proud of them---they look pretty fierce.

  2. Thanks, Aimo. Is this the same Aimo from the Dark Horse message boards?
    Right now I'm only contacted for issues 22-24. After that another artist is working on the Vector cross-over issues. I wish I could do it but I'm just not that fast yet.
    Yeah those are Basilisks. I did drew them kicking some butt in the Flashpoint story. I show a modified design on this page. I feel the need to show them evolve from the Tales of the Jedi versions to the Kotor 2 versions.

  3. Yeap, the one and the same.
    Looking at the amount of detail you put in this page, I can only imagine how long it takes for you to finish 24 at a time.