Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Entry 5: Zayne

This is a sketch of Zayne, the hero of KotOR. This sketch is more realistic than how I typically draw him in the issues. I prefer to make my characters not quite realistic. I like a little cartoonynes in my characters. I wish I was better at being cartoony, looser, but still I try for it. I think having characters that are expressive in an exaggerated way help to tell and "act" your story. Comic characters that are drawn directly from photo reference look static and boring to me. I think photo reference is good, but I guess it's the extent at witch you reference it... Just my opinion.
 I did this piece as a test for myself. I'd like to do more KotOR covers and I think I might like to do them like this. It's another gray markers colored by photo shop piece. I think a more realistic look for covers works fine. I did refer to a couple different photos for this, but it doesn't look like any of those photos.

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