Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Entry 2: First Pro Cover

 If you're familiar with my Msn Group or my Myspace page you've seen this piece. I'll be posting a lot of things that I've already posted on those 2 sights. As I said in my first entry, this is a place for me to talk about my career, which includes things I've posted before. Everything I post that I've posted before will be put into the context of my career and development as a comic book artist. So, hopefully those images will be interesting for you even if you've seen them before.
 This is the cover of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic- Handbook and it's officially my first professionally commissioned cover. I've drawn covers for personal projects. I've drawn a cover that wasn't commissioned or used for a book that I was working on. And I've drawn a cover for a comic that only existed in fiction and really wasn't the cover of anything. But this is the first real professional cover I've done.
 I've been drawing interiors for Knights of the Old Republic over the last year and a half but haven't been asked to do any covers till this one. I was really happy that I got to draw this cover because it's a handbook and I could do a montage. There are few times when I think montage covers are appropriate for comics, and they're perfect for handbooks and source books. And who draws Star Wars and doesn't want to do the Strusan-esque montage. I had also just watched all of Matt Busch's "You Can Draw Star Wars" episodes where he shows the whole creation of a Star Wars montage style poster. It was really inspiring, not to mention entertaining. You can see Matt's Live Journal here.
 This cover was colored by Michael Atiyeh. The issue is scheduled to come out November 7 and will also feature 2 cross-section pieces by me.
 My next post will be a new image, never before seen in the whole world wide web. Back in a few days.

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